NETGEAR router issues



The router is a NETGEAR WGR614 v4.

The problems began to occur after moving to Florida. Before the move my ISP was Comcast and the router worked fine with the modem I was using.

Im now using AT&T fast Access DSL. The modem they sent is a Motorola 2210N. The modem works fine on its own but when things get messy when I throw the router into the equation.

With the router hooked up my internet connection is too inconsistent. Its noticeably slower, and I’ll constantly get “Page cant be displayed” untill I refresh the browser window several times – then it might load the page.

I did call AT&T technical service and they suggested that it was because the modem needed to be in “Bridged mode”. They guided me through the process but the connection was still not working.

I’m fairly knowledgeable about computers, but not so much when it comes to configuring wireless connections. So what advice can anyone give?


So no one has any ideas I suppose?


Are you sure that your modem is in bridged mode?
What’s the WAN address according to your router?


Sorry for the delayed response.

Anyways, yes the modem was in bridged mode. I don’t know what the WAN address for the router is though, how do you find that?


You login on the router and check




I see, that’s a good sign…
Have you tried upgrading firmware on the router?
If not, try that first.