Netflix's streaming service steals away 20% of primetime viewership



Netflix’s streaming service steals away 20% of primetime viewership.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Movie rental king Netflix continues to rattle the saber in a very fickle market that has seen increased content distribution services compete for viewership. During a down economy and limited spending, consumers have a large selection of options and very little information to go on.

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computers already had that 20 percent anyway.


Somehow I don’t think either of Canada’s 2 Cable Monopolies are exactly quaking in their boots. These same 2 companies are also the 2 largest ISPs.
If Netflix becomes too popular, they’ll just throttle down the speed on this service and all of their customers will have to rely on regular Cable to receive their programs in “real time”.
As for the Telcos that provide ADSL, this can be most accurately described as a dis-service rather than a viable service. Much of our telephone system still bears signs that say “Inspected by Alexander Graham Bell”!
Going to be a long time before Streaming Video becomes a practical reality here in the “Great White North”.