Netflix will also delay new Fox and Universal movies



I just posted the article Netflix will also delay new Fox and Universal movies.

DVD rental giant Netflix ended the week by agreeing to new movie distribution deals with Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Studios.

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So what my movies are old and older movies so it won’t matter to me I will get it when I want to get it since I have other to watch before getting these so called newer but that doesn’t mean those movies are the best movies to watch either…so just cause they are the new release doesn’t mean they are the movies to watch either… :flower:


Thats quite the run-on-sentence.


[QUOTE=Zzyzxroad;2509006]Thats quite the run-on-sentence.[/QUOTE]

Wells that how I feel. They run over us with all these fees and now says they have to delay now. What else did they delay? Customer service??


Prediction: Fox and Universal movie piracy to increase, along with Warner and any other studio who delays new release rentals for the lame excuse of trying to increase DVD sales.


[QUOTE=Zzyzxroad;2509006]Thats quite the run-on-sentence.[/QUOTE]

For coolcolors’ comments I usually turn to Babel Fish. LOL.


No wonder your on ignore list… lol…that just goes to show one desperation…