Netflix to launch video download service?

I just posted the article Netflix to launch video download service?.

By way of
Slashdot we found that the guys from HackingNetFlix have found a small glitch in the NetFlix software
and made a screenshot. NetFlix is the biggest DVD rental company in the United…

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great - does this mean that you can get it for CHEAPER? id go for $10 a month for download service only, and (what is it $17 now) for download or mail format (dialup users mostly), assuming they dont get mad @ me for getting 10 in a day. they could even use bit torrent to distribute them, as long as they DONT require quicktime 7 or windows media player 7/8/9/10. i dont mind DRM, as long as its NOT obtrusive, and anything less then dvd quality is just going to burn them like all the early steaming video formats that were blocky (aka realplayer). then again, with this “player” requirement, i wonder if they are going to have their own player and closed format (which will be promptly cracked w/in the first 24 hours), unless it requires to access their server before playing it (once again, IP changed in the code w/in 24 hours) not to mention everyone who has laptops [me] who dont always have internet access when they want to watch a movie (road trip).