Netflix sued over privacy concerns

I just posted the article Netflix sued over privacy concerns.

An in-the-closet lesbian woman claims that Netflix exposed her sexuality, and is now leading a class action lawsuit against the mail-order rental company.

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I know the unemployment rate is 10%+ but that’s just way too much free time there. If my movie rental history was looked at lesbianism is the last thing I’d be worried about someone thinking, although I’m male and not lesbian. BUT:

But privacy scholars warned that the information used in the contest, though anonymous, could still be linked with actual users.

Anonymous is anonymous. Noone knew who she was until she popped her name at the top of that lawsuit. Let’s see? I’m an in the closet lesbian ashamed of myself and what others may think of me but if I pop my name on top of this lawsuit that’s gonna be seen by millions of people all will be better.

No oofense girls but it should have read Stoopid Lesbian Sues!