Netflix stops selling used DVDs

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Netflix has announced that it will discontinue the sales of used DVDs after November 30th. These are DVDs that were previously rented out and later sold off through its website…

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This is what the movie, music and software industry are hoping for. Sales of second hand media means they don’t make any extra profit from it. The cartels are at work behind the scenes you can bet on this.

I love Netflix, but since I started my membership over one month ago I have received 3 discs that were unplayable due to the fact that they were scratched beyond belief. One DVD even looked like someone took a pair of pliers to it and tore a chunk out of the corner of it!

I could never conceive of buying ANY used DVDs from Netflix. The condition of the majority of the discs I receive from them are in such HORRENDOUS condition that I would never want to buy one. I am sure part of the reason that they wanted to give up on this is the fact that there were probably 98% of the DVDs that were returned because they would not play.

I honestly don’t know why the discs are so scratched up. If the members who rent from Netflix would just take care and handle the discs properly then there would be no issues…but what do I know I am just an 800lb gorilla…:slight_smile:

I remember reading an article back when video rental stores were making the switch from VHS to DVD. The article stated that VHS tapes had a longer rental life than DVDs, which supposedly last around 20 rentals before they have to be pulled. Suprised me too. :eek:

I would never pay to watch a streamed download unless it was so cheap that it made sense. Might as well buy a divx (old format). First, if would have to be high def blu-ray quality then, depending on price, I would rather own than pay to see it once. I can go to the movies for that.

Why rent from Netflix or Blockbuster when you can go to your local grocery store and rent a movie for $1 at Redbox machine? If I like the movie enough, I throw it in my burner and make a copy of it and then return it the next day. I haven’t rented from Blockbuster in years since those Redbox machines. Hell, you might even get lucky and find out that your local library might have it and you can check it out for free.

I wish we had Redbox machines here.