Netflix slashes prices on rentals in response to Blockbuster

I just posted the article Netflix slashes prices on rentals in response to Blockbuster.

 As we reported  last month, Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings had promised  to cut prices to ensure future growth, despite competition from  Blockbuster, Wal-Mart Stores...
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like the DHL commercial says about fedex/ups… Bad for them. Good for you. same applies here too bad greedy corporate america thinks that they have to have a 100% growth quarterly to be “successful”

But when they start cutting prices, they start cutting service too… I used to get movies at a 2 day turn-around, now it is 5 :c

Ah HA! I wonder if that is policy now to slow the turnaround and therefore help buffer the loss?

Netflix has always had a policy of limiting availability and slowing turn-around on power users. They may well adjust this policy to slow things down even more, time will tell. Blockbuster certainly has serious issues with slow service and low availability too. Here, Netfix has WAY more titles available, and faster service.

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About 1 year ago Netflix was amazing I had two of the 8 out at once plans going and got 688 DVDs; every DVD I could think of. Blockbuster was slow, Wal-Mart had a good selection but was slower then Netflix. Netflix and Wal-Mart use the same mailers and fit in my tiny mailbox. Amazon should use that same type of mailer.

Never mind , cnet news, on october 28 2004, advising that both ‘safeway & albertsons supermarket chains trans america’ will be considering the introduction of self serve dvd rental booths. So the question is who needs ‘netflix’???’ when you can rent it at your local chain supermarket!!! Ah, we do live in interesting times:g

Hmmm, that is interesting news. I will try to post about it if I can find it here in a bit

what do u mean by got 688 dvds? got it as in copy and keep it? or got it as in came in, watched it, and sent it back? :stuck_out_tongue:

If sortie didn’t copy them , I will give everyone here $100 :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s just say you don’t owe anyone any money.