Netflix settles class action lawsuit for breaking promises

I just posted the article Netflix settles class action lawsuit for breaking promises.

drpino used our news submit to tell us that Netflix
the supposedly unlimited online DVD rentals company has settled a class action
lawsuit with a customer in …

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Unlimited DVD rental still sounds so incredible. It costs US$1.5 to rent a DVD disc from street rental stores in this town.

Correction You will not "be upgraded to the highest service available " You will get a 1 level bump in service. I have the 3-at-a-time plan. I will be bumped to the 4-at-a-time plan. The highest plan is 8 at a time.

What a frivolous suit against Netflix. I clicked cancel write away when I got the email notice. Another story of the plaintiff’s lawyers getting rich on a class action. Plus…Chavez…figures. :r

I got an email from Netflix about this I have not been a customer for a few years, but they almost always got me my discs the next day (it was so fast it’s crazy) I just don’t watch many DVDs anymore so I quit. Netflix is a good company with a good product, I never felt cheated by them. If they were a bank, sold bottled water, healthcare, computers or whatever I’d give them a try I’ve never been more impressed with a service then I was with Netflix. But I do live in a next day delivery zone so that colors my experience.

Cheers man it has been fixed. Well done for spotting that.

I was actually about to cancel my membership for this kind of crap. Netflix rocked for the first few months I was a member, if I mailed back a movie on monday, they’d receive it on tuesday and mail my next 3 movies that same day. Now if I mail them in on monday, they receive them on tuesday but won’t ship my next 3 until wednesday or thursday. A lot of ppl I have talked to complain about the same thing happening after a few months of being a member.

i have tried neflix for few months & i found it ok; usually everything is ok, but sometimes netflix really made me angry by not sending disk on time & virtually silent online customer support. now, i am using blockbuster which is worse in terms of organization (many missing volumes in series & not organized together), but they are giving away two rental coupons i guess i will use one month of service for free from netflix

WOW, there was actually a suit about this. I did find it weird the first few times my dvds were held a day and the message said that my dvds were received and new ones will go out the following day. I also found that it only happens when you return all of your dvd’s very quickly, meaning in my case; 1)Send the movies on monday 2)Netflix receives them by tuesday 3)Get my new ones on wednesday 4)Send them back thursday 5)Netflix receives them by friday 6)Get my new ones on saturday The first time it was alright, but repeating this got me stalled more and more on everything. Maybe I made some kind of a black list of frequent rentals. I did this cause I was bored at home and watched movies, hmm…, but Netflix doesn’t like that i guess. It brings up interesting points though. Do I need that many movies? Do I want to pay $21 bucks for 3-at-a-time (17.99 plus tax) regardless of wanting a movie or not? It was fun for the first 3-4 months, but now I’m just tired of all the DVD’s, and don’t want to be pushed to rent more only cause I already paid for it and don’t want to waste my money. I am pretty pleased with the service Netflix provides, I was with Blockbuster Online first but their selection was very poor at the time compared to Netflix, don’t know how it is now. But I think I’m gonna have to reduce my spending on rentals soon.