Netflix reports strong growth in subscribers – 65 million worldwide



We’ve just posted the following news: Netflix reports strong growth in subscribers – 65 million worldwide[newsimage][/newsimage]

Netflix reports a total of 65 million subscribers worldwide. At the same time last year the streaming service reported around 50 million subscribers.

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stronger dollar??? wow that means my dollar can buy more? yeah right! lol. it buys less :slight_smile:


Netflix is also warning their customers that the rates are going up soon.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2757045]Netflix is also warning their customers that the rates are going up soon.[/QUOTE]

Is this on the site???


I love Netflix, its not even 10bucks a month for Premium, so I like it, how much entertainment can you buy for 10bucks a month


[QUOTE=coolcolors;2757047]Is this on the site???[/QUOTE]



Ok,…but bad part is I am still waiting for some movies on my wait list that hasn’t been filled or update yet…and they want more money? Is it so hard for them to get those filled so I can get watching??


To my knowledge Netflix already raised the rates $2 a month for new subscribers in the last few months. For long standing members it doesn’t go up for another year or so. Either way at $10 a month it would still be worth it. I can always find something at least decent to watch on Netflix. I can’t say that about any other of the major streaming services. Netflix’s original content library also keeps growing by leaps and bounds and unlike the other services Netflix actually puts some money into their projects. I didn’t care for any of their first few series, but I was super impressed with Daredevil. IMHO the netflix mini-series was the first to get it right on the screen.


Netflix selection is mostly B-gradish in Australia and most ADSL2+ users here are limited to ~6Mbit speed meaning 720HD picture quality is max you can have which is okay but not great.

80% of the program selection is of no interest to us like kids/ docus and similar junk.

We’re paying already $12 a month - any more and we’ll drop it.