Netflix removes Dolby Digital 5.1 supports from apps for Samsung TVs



We’ve just posted the following news: Netflix removes Dolby Digital 5.1 supports from apps for Samsung TVs[newsimage][/newsimage]

Netflix has removed support for Dolby Digital 5.1 in its Smart TV applications for selected Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players. The company would be unable to get surround sound working on devices and owners of the affected devices have to settle for stereo sound.

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Why is it Netflix’s problem ? Pretty sure this is Samsung’s problem…


Well that sucks. It is one of the things I enjoyed about having a Samsung smart TV. I don’t know why there is a problem now as I have been receiving DD on my Samsung TV since I purchased it.


Just thought I would add that DD+ on Netflix (with a receiver that supports DD+) can be enabled using the Netflix app that runs under Windows 8. Just click on the language button in the lower right part of the screen and choose the 5.1 option if it is available for the video you are watching. Also, don’t forget to configure your playback device for the speaker system you have available. Many times this setting defaults to “Stereo” and must be changed manually.


yawns… just get the DVD/BD…saves you headache…


I have Samsung F8000. Samsung released an SW update. You can now choose audio output as DTS NEO2:5. Netflix does no longer support 5.1, but only strereo. I hear DTS NEO2:5 can pass through DD 5.1. This is beneficial to users to keep the receive to DTS setting reguardless of cable TV or netflix smart TV app on Samsung TV. Not all Netflix contents are 5.1, and I used to find my self switching betten DD PrologicII and Auto Surround to get 5.1. Now I don’t have the change settings. I preferred DTS NEO2:5 much better than PCM setting.


[QUOTE=coolcolors;2738982]yawns… just get the DVD/BD…saves you headache…[/QUOTE]

That is a much greater hassle than getting digital audio from Netflix. Plus, Netflix now has some very good original programming to watch. Also, they are providing a lot of good TV series and movies that have been done with digital audio.