Netflix, Redbox reach new DVD distribution agreements with movie studios

Netflix, Redbox reach new DVD distribution agreements with movie studios.

[newsimage][/newsimage] Netflix will hold new DVD releases from Sony for 28 days before offering them for rent in movie kiosks across the United States.  Sony previously forced Redbox into a similar agreement in July 2009, but each company has reached customized distribution agreements on individual bases.

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They can extened it all they want to but that isn’t going to make me run out
and buy the movie the day it comes out for sale. I will not buy a movie with
out renting it first because I’m not going to blow $20.00+ for some bomb of
a movie. I rent it first and if I like it then I will go and buy it for my collection
and if I don’t like it then all I’m out is the price of the rental. :iagree:

If those dorks in Hollywood knowed how to make a good movie everytime it
would be alright to go out and buy it as soon as it hit the store shelves. But
as we all know that just isn’t the case they might make 1 decent movie and
then the next 4 or 5 or more are nothing more than bombs. :doh:

power and control is all these studios and the MPAA is about.

From the VHS/BETAMAX nonsense to CSS to illegal DDoS attacks on filesharers, the have been trying to have a stranglehold on their content from day 1.

Once the movie has been released I say it’s fair game. These 28 day delay deals are ridiculous and will turn eager renters into pirates where they can get the movie beforehand and without all the trailers/nonsense bundled in with DVD’s these days.

I do not blame them for this because a few will then go out and buy it before they rent it but I would not. Waiting a month no big deal if I need in sooner I would just go to the local dvd store and rent it there. I do not see them so far telling the local rental stores they cannot rent it out for 30 days.

[QUOTE=samlar;2548755]I do not see them so far telling the local rental stores they cannot rent it out for 30 days.[/QUOTE]

I’d have to say just give them some time and they will be coming down on the
big chain Blockbuster / Hastings/ etc., etc. and the mom & pop rental stores on
the 28 day rule also if they think it will help them sell a few more movies. :rolleyes:

I really fail to see how this will benefit the movie studios. If it is a good movie it will sell regardless. If it’s stinker, well then, rest in peace.
If they were on the ball, they would team up with the movie rental companies and work out a more profitable arrangement.
Will I change my buying habits? Definitely not. If it’s a good movie I will add to my collection, but not until I have seen it first.
All they have done is succeeded in delaying any profits they may realize from the sale and usually by that time the prices will have been reduced.
So, who wins here?