Netflix: recession proof?

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Thanks in large part to its streaming video offerings, Netflix posted a 45 percent leap in fourth quarter 2008 profits, compared to the same period in 2007.Netflix had 9.39 million subscribers at the…

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I am a happy Netflix subscriber in terms of receiving the discs in the mail but unhappy with PS3’s decision to not allow streaming to the player. I am a Mac owner, so without the streaming PS3, I have no chance of watching the Netflix on my 51". I cannot stand sitting in front of my computer to watch movies…I want to lay on the couch and watch them.

It’s more like Netflix’s decision to not stream to the PS3, not Sony’s. Guess what? Netflix CEO sits on the board of director’s of Microsoft. Think about that…

If you really want Netflix streaming on your PS3, you can use another PC on your home network as a pass through with the PlayOn software. Check this article for more info:

PS3?? Ehh… eventually i’ll own one. But computers cover ALL my needs at the moment. If you want netflix on your 50+ or whatever screensize, even if your lcd tv doesnt support vga, dvi, etc, there are converters that will do the job. Im aware of MULTIPLE ways of streaming video too a tv. But… I may never buy another lcd tv. I’d rather have a projector, and a 30" samsung monitor. Thats plenty for me :smiley:

Buy a very cheap pc for your living room to stream. I just upgraded my computer and two for my sons. I took the oldest PC and hooked it up the TV in the living room. Sure it would be great if you could hook up the PS3 and stream, but if you can shell out for a 51" TV, you can shell out a couple hundred and build a ‘media’ PC or just buy Netflix’s TV stream box, their cheapest one is only 99 bucks! If you consider all the ‘free’ streaming (at 16.99 a month dvd/stream combo, yeah it’s basically free), you can’t seriously think 99 bucks is too much.

Also, if you want Netflix support on the PS3, please contact Netflix and tell them.