Netflix ranks ISPs by streaming video performance

Netflix ranks ISPs by streaming video performance.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Netflix branched away from a traditional DVD rental service and embraced streaming services. As part of their migration to online content delivery, the company is now performing video streaming tests on the various internet providers and has published ratings of the different ISP's based on their streaming content performance.

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Wonderful but this does nothing for the 33,000,000 of us that live north of the 49th.
Believe it or not people actually live in that big empty space north of the border and it serves a greater purpose than keeping Alaska from sliding into Starbucks Head Office.
Shouldn’t take long to test, we only have 4 major ISPs. Since the CRTC recently allowed charging for bandwidth use it would be kind of nice to show our ISPs how bad their service is and perhaps force them to upgrade their infrastructure a bit.
The phone junction block in my home still bears Alexander Graham Bell’s signature.