Netflix raises price of Blu-ray rentals

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Starting on Nov. 5, Netflix customers who rent Blu-ray movies will have to pay an additional $1 per month, Netflix informed its customers via e-mail.
"As you may know, Blu-ray movies are more…

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Whew! I’m glad that I stopped Blu-ray at Netflix about a month ago. Now I can use that dollar to keep buying cat food for me and the the wife.

cat foods bad, dog foods safer.

Funny thing is that Blu-Ray movies are coming down in price so now netflix is going to raise theirs?

“ECONOMY” or as bush and harper moron say “wtf you guys talking about all is fine” fine my ass morons… Netflix anticipating the drop in customers… $1 is not much however multiply that by millions of customers. = $millions

Lets do a bank raid take out all your money then I wana see who really has the power… You or the banks…
We need another depression… simple we need it to clean up the garbage society that is lazy does not want to work and all they want is to sit and play consoles… Eat your console mofo!!!

@ Coolios

Well, they’re saying nothing is wrong because they’re trying to contain the panic. However, they’re not doing a great job at it. I just renewed my mortgage yesterday and they quoted me 5.35%. I said that I got a quote last week from the bank manager for 5.15%. So they get back to me and say they’ll hounor the quote, even though rates have gone up (for 5 year fixed). Funny that the rates for variable went down yesterday by 0.5%. What a nutty world.

I don’t know what Netflix is worried about. I would think with winter coming and people not going out as much because of the recession/depression, they would stay home and watch more movies. I guess we’ll see.

Come on everyone, it’s only one dollar!

Hopefully this will allow Netflix to store more copies and more Blu-ray titles in their inventory. Most Blu-ray discs are long wait through their service now. If an extra $1 a month improves this, I’m all for it!

Why not rephrase that last sentence of the article–to the consumer’s benefit–as follows: “…it would make more sense for the company to charge LESS for DVDs that are digitally downloaded as opposed to DVDs physically sent out”? All this assumes, of course, that our ISPs do not impose any kind of outrageous charges for exceeding their idea of a “reasonable” bandwidth limit.

Hopefully they don’t charge more for discs being sent out. If so, they better make ALL of their content digital then. I don’t want to be charged more for the same service, but then have them say that the price that I have been paying, I can only access 2500 movies, as opposed to what all they have now. Now, if ALL of their content becomes digital, I wouldn’t really have a problem with it.

Haha indeed, I’m still doubting to become a member of Netflix, is it worth the money anyway?

Ummm…last I checked, all of their content WAS digital - since they started. I have yet to see an analog DVD… :smiley:

vikampion, as digital downloads become more widely used – assuming ISPs don’t put in silly bandwidth caps – then Netflix will likely try and reduce the amount of DVDs it sends out anyway. If less people are renting movies, it’s probably wise to try and trim down on it (even if that’s how the company made its start).

This raise of $1.00 isn’t anything to worry about I would rather see a small raise then the company won’t go belly up too soon I hope :frowning:

I had signed up for blue ray movies at a cost of $2 a month so my rate actually went down!!

where do you get most of your movies from atm? if you download them from torrents then its not worth joining but if you want blu-ray then it’s probably good value…

Wow that is great to hear :slight_smile: I myself find blue ray equipment to be very expensive I sure wish I had the money to buy it :(.

Oh no, my BluRay’s will go from $1-$3 -> $1.25-$3.25. The world’s gonna end :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s still less than the paperboy from the movie “Better off Dead”. “Two Dollars, Two Dollars”.

Usually one or two movies per week from the local blockbuster, downloading is too slow here. Blu-ray, no player and TV yet :wink: