Netflix profit results last quarter 2004 first quarter 2005



I just posted the article Netflix profit results last quarter 2004 first quarter 2005.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us the latest on the
financial situation for Netflix. We all know that there has been a “Crazie
Eddie” contest going on to see who can get us our mail…

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As a current and past subscriber to Netflix, I enjoyed their service more when it was $19.99 for 3 movies out-at-a-time… New releases and other titles were 95% of the time immediately available to me… Now, I have nothing but “VERY LONG WAIT” times for almost all the newly released titles… I dont think that increasing their customer base and decreasing the availability of mobie titles is a smart choice… If I dont see any improvement in the service, Im going to cancel and subscribe with the local BlockBuster store… Did I mention the turn around time sucks now too?
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Well let us know how the local BlockBuster compares to Netflix. Cause if it ever compared well there would be no Netflix. I was a sub to Netflix got zillions of movies and then cancled when I was sick of them. Now I see Netflix has a cap to the toal number of movies you can rent per month. I’m not sure if BlockBuster on-line has a limit too but if they don’t perhaps its time to check them out. Where do you live? I’m near a Netflix shipping center so my turnaround time was crazy good.


Is it just me or the title makes no sense at all?


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