Netflix nabs exclusive TV horror series 'Hemlock Grove'



Netflix nabs exclusive TV horror series ‘Hemlock Grove’.

[newsimage][/newsimage]First, it was a re-imagining of British drama "House of Cards." Then, more episodes of the fan-favorite sitcom "Arrested Development." Netflix's next big exclusive is a little scary. Reports indicate that the streaming video giant will fund a 13-episode television horror series based on the upcoming horror novel "Hemlock Grove" by Brian McGreevy.

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Hey a better Idea how about getting back roughly 1 Mill subscribers that dumped Netflix because of the hikes and screw over job they did??? I think that would do more for the bottom line then what they are doing. Grabbing for straws…and if they would get more DVD in and sent out to subscriber that would even further their bottom line. But as anything they forgot the business model that made them successful in the first place…

the Subscribers…