Netflix monitors pirate sites to decide what movies and series to buy

We’ve just posted the following news: Netflix monitors pirate sites to decide what movies and series to buy[newsimage][/newsimage]

Netflix closely monitors pirate websites to find out which TV series and movies it should buy.

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Now that’s an ironic twist!

Quite a clever idea though. :slight_smile:


I’ve always thought companies should release sub-standard versions of anything - music, video - and use that as pure bait. Chumming the waters, so to speak. “Want the good stuff? Here’s the link to Amazon…”

480p, for example, or 192k MP3s only. Those are fine for many folks but even 320p and 128k would be good enough for ‘bait purposes’. And then occasionally give out some coupon deal, too.

I bet the vice versa also applies .
Pirate sites are watching Netflix.

Nothing helps Sales like free samples, or the illusion of money-savings. Rule Of Retail #1.

Local to me there is a garden and landscaping center that sells mulch, gravel and other things you’d expect them to sell.

All the stuff they sell is for obvious reasons inside their yard behind a 6foot cyclone fence that has barbed wire on top of it.

however the “bunkers” they keep their gravel and mulch in are dwarfed by the bunker in which they keep their manure, horse manure specifically.

THAT bunker is actually outside of the locked gate.
They encourage anyone to take as much as they want, provided they
shovel it into their own vehicle with hand tools.

They get the manure for FREE from two local horse ranches

During business hours if they aren’t busy they will load any size truck with manure for you for a trivial fee ($5) but strongly encourage a gratuity for the loader operator, they even go so far as to have a chart with recommended gratuities depending on the size of your truck
($5 for a small pickup truck $10 for a full size, $20 for a “landscaping” sized Dump truck, etc)

There is a reason why those that sell Silver Gold, gems and drugs get rich
There is a reason why those that sell manure do not.

Sounds like Netflix is thinking, many corporations do not