Netflix making some Blu-ray renters wait long durations



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Netflix subscribers were originally happy to hear the online rental service would begin to offer Blu-ray movie titles, but that happiness has now turned to dismay over the lengthy wait for Blu-ray…

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I had 10 BD titles at the top of my queue and not one was available. NF considers ALL BD titles to be “new releases”. And they have the nerve to charge extra for BD.


I used the Blockbuster service for a while and finally realized that it was not a good value either due to lack of available movies. Like CDan, I had a good 10 items “in the top of the Queue” that I never seemed to get. In the meantime, I was renting movies further down my list, that I really didn’t want that much. I got to thinking, hell I am only getting crap I normally would not even want! So I dropped the service. Months later, I could still see my queue and the same desired flicks were still unavailable. After a while, you are better off just using Redbox or Blockbuster Rewards program.


Netflix? Making people wait? No, you don’t say…

Does cancelling and starting a new account still work?

The online places are really only good the the stuff you can’t rent locally. With Redbox all over town, I usually rent there (their inventory is more than I have time to watch these days anyway). Sometimes I even end up ripping them to watch later. Sadly, there have been few releases in the last couple of years that I’ve had any desire to watch more than once (and some ended up being fast forwarded on the first watch).


“Does cancelling and starting a new account still work?”

Yes, I maintain 2 separate accounts and switch back and forth. Problem is that they consider all BD to be new releases so they are the first to show as unavailable. But when i re-start an account after a month or 2 of rest, all those titles are magically available for a short while.