Netflix making some Blu-ray renters wait long durations



Netflix subscribers were originally happy to hear the online rental service would begin to offer Blu-ray movie titles, but that happiness has now turned to dismay over the lengthy wait for Blu-ray titles.

An article posted on CNET indicates at least two editors on the site have had movies in their queue for long durations. According to Netflix spokespeople, Hollywood simply isn’t releasing enough Blu-ray copies of smash hit movies – which means Netflix has a harder time keeping a high quantity of movies in the pipeline.


I say good riddiance to BR if they don’t want us to watch them they why should we buy BR drives and standalone unit??? I say go cd/dvd and live on and free. Stomp on those BR hypes…do that long enough and netflix will drop the BR and that would signal the death bed for BR media industry. Who else can send out DVD nationwide only Netflix so far and they are the one that can really promote dvd sales and rental. Screw a mass market and they usually will do so in return.