Netflix making effort to block geoblock circumvention



We’ve just posted the following news: Netflix making effort to block geoblock circumvention[newsimage][/newsimage]

Two providers of services that circumvent geoblocking of Netflix report that the company has taken measures to block them.

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I was wondering when they would start fighting against these Smart DNS servers. In theory, one way around it would be if the Smart DNS providers release a VPN-like app, but just pass port 53 (all DNS related traffic) over the VPN and everything else connects directly.

I can imagine Netflix doing something similar for other platforms they have a dedicated app for. However, for PC web browser based streaming, I don’t think they could do this at least not unless the Silverlight plug-in can be forced into using a specific server for DNS look-ups.


This would be bad news in my part of the world if the roll this out to the likes of Apple TV…


Just what more paying customers need… more madness.


The regional distribution model just leads to more piracy and is outmoded in a global access digital world.


Sigh. This is a big “WHY” customers pay for netflix, get premium content, such as TV-Shows, not having to wait and so on.

OMG, how greedy can the networks get. I know a lot of affiliates and stations in Europe, and else where want to be able to show the TV-series and have some sort of exclusive right to it etc. Cashing in on commercials and so on.

But the whole point of netflix is that people who would otherwise pirate material now can pay and get it, in a legal way. Now they are just going back to how it was, common, what are you playing at, the Internet is not a baby in diapers any more. The only thing I can think of is that it is not netflix that is doing this by choice but rather because the networks want it.

Get with the program or die, I way.


[QUOTE=rexroach;2744420]The regional distribution model just leads to more piracy and is outmoded in a global access digital world.[/QUOTE]

You hit the nail on the head…:iagree:


This is Just shear foolishness another ploy by companies to make more money pretty simple.

Well if they manage to block it they just increased piracy the dumba$$ companies…:doh::doh: