Netflix launches tool to show how fast your internet really is

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Netflix today launched a new internet speed testing service called With the new service it’s possible to test the speed of both mobile and broadband connections anywhere in the world.

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At the moment it’s fairly close to TestMy and Speedtest on my home LTE connection:


TestMy (Linear test over HTTP port, London UK server):

Ookla Speedtest (Dublin server) - Its test is generally always multi-threaded over port 8080:

I must give that a go later this evening when there’s no comparison between what I get with general downloading and what reports . . . :wink:

They both have me around 120Mbs, neither of which is really accurate.

both report within a megabyte. Â 88mbps.

I just had a quick check with TCPView and its test is multi-threaded over https.

HTTPS is more realistic than port 8080 and I presume this means Netflix itself streams over multiple connections to its server. If this is the case, it would help with streaming in its higher resolutions without depending on its CDN being able to deliver the bandwidth over a single TCP connection. I don’t have a Netflix subscription to check that out.

What it does mean is that its speed test may not be the speed you’ll get on YouTube which streams over a single connection to its CDN, similar to downloading a large file in a web browser.

For me and agree on my download speed, which corresponds to what I’m actually getting from fast sites (approx 90-91 Mbps). OTOH reports download speeds significantly under my real speed from fast sites.

I just retested here.

HeaNet - This is one IT people here recommend testing with in Ireland on faster fibre and cable links:

TestMy (Linear, UK London), (Multi-threaded, UK London):

So it looks like Three can deliver its speed at peak time, but only with multiple connections to the server as how Fast and Speedtest are testing.

Just did a test and Speedtest was about 18Meg faster than Netflix test…

Just did a test at home with my ADSL2 and both  show 14Meg.

I subscribe to Xfinity75 Mb/sec service, and I did both speed tests. was 90 Mb/sec and was 90.14 Mb/sec. I also did Xfinity speed test, which showed 90.23 Mb/sec, so they’re all pretty consistent with each other.