Netflix kills Qwikster before it even gets started



Netflix kills Qwikster before it even gets started.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It has been less than a month since Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that Netflix would be splitting into two separate companies. The streaming service would retain the name Neflix while the DVD rental business would become Qwikster. It seems that the combination of plummeting stock prices and customer backlash drove Hastings to announce today that he changed his mind and the services would stay together.

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I don’t quite understand why they can’t have a tiered pricing structure, based on the needs of the customer. Premium membership gives premium content, it only makes sense. I know I would be quite willing to upgrade if it meant I would be able to stream more relevant movies. I currently have a Netflix account, but I’m quickly running out of content that I’m interested in, because much of what they have in movies is old. Of course, I’m Canadian, and I can’t fairly compare what is available in the US, but that’s another ridiculous issue in itself.


Surprised that Netflix pulled a 180 on this issue. I wonder if it’ll be a case of too little, too late.