Netflix issues

I don’t know who else has seen this, but take a look at

Frankly, this is really ticking me off. It’s not the only issue I’ve had with Netflix, but is the one that has likely pushed me over the edge. I’m interested in looking for ways to make sure Netflix doesn’t see this as an action without repercussions. So, I’m looking to determine what other interest there is here to take further actions. I’m suggesting (in no particular order)…

  1. Everyone who happens to be a Netflix member should contact them with a complaint, insuring that you escalate this as far as possible. I mean, don’t just send an email complaint and let it drop. Push it. Demand a direct phone conversation with somebody other than Tier1 or Tier 2 support.

  2. I’m also hoping that we have somebody here who’s an attorney, and would be interested in helping to begin a class-action lawsuit against netflix. I’m being honest in that I haven’t done much research here, but at a minimum this smacks of unethical business practice. They were just forced to settle on another class action suit because of false advertising. This seems to indicate that they now deliberately have taken this further.

Anybody want to help out?

I agree that part is a bit frustrating but at the same time, I have to say that all in all they are far and above any other online movie rental service that I have used. I have used the following: Blockbuster Online, CafeDVD, Netflix. Guess which one is the only one that I still have an account with? NETFLIX!!! While Netflix does do “throttle control” for it’s heavier users, you are still getting a great value (less than $2 per movie), I have yet to see a local videostore or online service that comes close to that sort of value or price. In addition, the biggest reason why I signed up for Netflix is: SELECTION!!! Even if I ran to every videostore in my area, I still would only have about 40% of the selection that I get from netflix. They are also great for out of print titles. As far as queue rotation goes, if you think Netflix is bad, then try Blockbuster Online or Cafe DVD. Rather than tell you that they no longer carry a title or that there will be an incredibly long wait, they will just ping pong you around in cue for months and months on end just to keep sucking up your money. I specifically remember that Blockbuster Online told me that there was a long wait on 3 of my selections. I said okay, no biggie, a couple of weeks later they all went down to short wait. So, I felt sure that within a couple of weeks I would have them. 2 weeks later they jumped back up to long wait again. And as far as shipping service goes? Don’t get me started. Even Netflix’s slowest “throttled down” service is faster than Blockbuster’s Regular service (Can’t comment on Cafe DVD, as every title I wanted from them had a long wait and I waited and waited but never recieved anything from them). Don’t get me wrong, netflix does have it’s shortcomings and they do need to make it clear that high users get lower priority, but compared to the other services they are still far and above, the best online rental service.

I subscribed to Netflix for more than a year. In the beginning, I was getting fast deliveries of my movies. After about four or five months, I noticed that I wasn’t receiving my movies as fast I had previously. This continued on until I subscribed to another online rental (GreenCine). I finally cancelled my subscription to Netflix after one year because the deliveries didn’t improved. I read on a web site that Netflix was throttling some subscribers so I cancelled after that. Luckily, I live near San Francisco where GreenCine is located, and I get fast deliveries of my movies just like in the beginning with Netflix. I’ve been with GreenCine now for over a year, and I’m happy with its service. A little more expensive, but I don’t notice the throttling like in Netflix.

I also got a notice that Netflix was sued and settled out of court. It offered free membership for a month which I took. I subscribed for another two months when I noticed Netflix began to throttle my deliveries again. I quickly cancelled my subscription. I never went back to Netflix again.

People don’t realize that economic power has shifted to the consumers. When we vote with our wallets by taking our business elsewhere, companies will realize that they can’t stay in business for long if they continue to provide unequal service to its customers. That’s why AT&T (bought out by SBC), Sprint, K-Mart (bankrupt), and Netflix no longer have my business.

I started netflix last month and I started noticing the movies were not coming as fast the fourth week in. They would sent a moive from another state, which would take 3 days to get to me, yet it would take 6 days or more for netflix to get them back. One movie I would understand, but not all.

I was wondering whether or not I should subscribe for another month, but after seeing this I plan to cancel.

I can get movies from the library for free. You have to wait sometime, but evenually you get what you want. I’ll stick with them.

When Netfilx decides they are going to be honest and state there are limits and what they are … maybe I will consider them again, but until then to hell with them.

The library will suit my needs just fine.

Well, unfortunately I’m seeing just about exactly $2 per movie - on average. In the last 3 weeks, it’s jumped to $2.40 per movie. Those have not all been new releases, though most of them have. If I only considered new releases, it’s closer to $3.20 per movie. At that price, I can easily get them locally when I want - as opposed to whenever Netflix says I should have them. There is a VERY large Iggle Video only a couple miles away - where we grocery shop every week.

I’m not commenting on Blockbuster, etc. I don’t use them. I also could care less what they do. I’m comparing Netflix to their claimed performance. I’m ticked off because they are treating different customers WHO PAY THE SAME RATE differently.

As there is more and more VOD available these days, Netflix is becoming less and less relevant. When customer service and business ethics become questionable at the very least, they may find their core customer base crumbling.

yep!!! that’s exactly what they’re doing to me, my movies take forever to get delivered to me and vice versa. Also all the newer titles are queued for long to very long wait. :a

I wish we had an alternative to go to beside Block Buster, which is even worse.

I must be a throttled customer. I noticed that they will notify me that they received a movie first thing Monday morning. How could this be with mail not running Sunday. My guess is they actually receive it on Saturday and don’t log it in until Monday. Another way of throttling, could be.

Netflix is my choice for the variety of selections as well. My local video store can’t come close to the choices that Netflix gives.

Hey, scarfaceal, thanks for the recommendation about Greencine. I will look into them.

I’ve tried Greencine before, but unfortunately most movies take forever to get to you unless you live close to them like scarfaceal does.

One of the reasons why I was able to cancel my subscription with Netflix. :slight_smile: I just read that Netflix just bought out Wal-Mart Online rental so the competition is thinning out. What ever happen to the rumor that Amazon was going to have its own DVD rental program? I would think Amazon has the best chance of challenging Netflix. Anyway here a link to some alternative sites out there.

Well, I had been thinking of switching from blockbuster to netflix, simply to improve the turnaround, but hey, I live in Maine…how speedy is it really gonna be anyway? After reading these comments , I think Ill stay with blockbuster. I get 3 movies at a time and averaged out, this works out to about 12-14 movies a month. I also get 2 free in-store coupons (any movie/game) per month. The store is about 15 minutes away and we shop for groceries right next door. I don’t experience any major queue issues, etc., I mean it’s not perfect but when I complain, they generally are responsive.

Anyway, the comments are helpful, thanks to all.

thanks for the alternative sites!!!

how’s intelliflix, they seem to have the same amount of movies as netflix plus games and adut movies.

I might have to jump ship!! :wink:

It has been known (and there have been threads and even web sites dedicated to it) that they have been doing this for a while. You probably wouldn’t have much luck suing them unless you have been a long time member. They changed their terms and conditions of use a while ago to cover the fact that they do this. I’m not sure if they admit to it or not, or have been formally caught, but blockbuster does it too.

Don’t bother with Intelliflix. I have their 1 year plan (unlimited- 3 out) and get maybe 2-3 dvds a month- they are the worst dvd rental place I’ve used, bar none.

Agreed. I tried them for a few months early last year and it took 4-6 days, minimum, each way bacause I live in the East Coast. So for the two months, I received 9 discs. Not a good value for me.

The reason I tried them was because of their (then) terrific foreign movie titles. However, Netflix has caught up and surpassed them. So we can b*tch & moan all we want, but it’s the only show in town. :rolleyes:

thanks for the info.

:eek: good God!! 2-3 movies a month, how in hell are they still in business?

after I get my next batch of movies from Netflix, I’m quitting them and maybe go back to BlockBuster…maybe.

My Netflix subscription ends in 12 days. I will be canceling.

To show another example of throttling I sent 2 movies back yesterday and they are only acknowledging recieving one. :a

I know they are holding the other to slow things down.

The service would be very good if not for the throttling.

I’m sure heavy renters would pay an extra fee if the movies are indeed limitless … that means six movies a week (3 at a time plan) from local centers and three days each way for out of state.

That could be 20-24 DVD per month. :iagree:

Why they won’t do that is beyond me. :confused:

I have now had the message "we expect to ship your next available movie (today/wednesday/thursday/friday/whatever) for 3 consecutive days for two of my three available slots. The third still shows they have not received a movie I returned five days ago. I can drive to their distribution center in approximately 11 minutes.

I completely agree that many people would be willing to pay a surcharge in order to eliminate “throttling”. Because of their extremely poor service, and refusal to provide answers, I am calling in a few minutes anc cancelling immediately.

I just wish the discs would be delivered on the date the queue tells me!! That’s what pisses me off.

I lived about 15 minutes from the address they were being sent back to also. I would typically get movies once a week. I even tryed rushing the movies back the same day once, and another time I brought them to the post office that they were going to and both times it still was movies once a week. It would seem that they keep track of your information too. I hadn’t used netflix for about 6 months and figured that I would get it again to get a few movies that I could not find locally. After two months, I had still not recieved some of the movies that were at the top of my list, and movies were about once a week from that start. That was the last time for me. I’m not giving them any more of my money.