Netflix Instant Watching Experiences

Just curious as to how many people use the netflix instant watch service and if so what their experiences are. I am trying to figure out if it is just my ISP but if I use the instant watch service pretty heavily (ie 3 or more feature length movies per month), I keep getting my internet connection stopping and freezing up on the movie. This is my current ISP service and plan (the 3Mb connection) :

Just curious as to everyone elses experiences and as to whether or not the issue is with my ISP, netflix or both?

I don’t use it as much as I thought I would, but have no complaints whatsoever… I have ATT U-Verse and a 6mbps speed… so not really sure what the problem with yours might be

Yeah, Qwest in my area now has the 12Mbps and 20Mbps fiber-optic line so I might go with the 12Mbps if it is more consistent and less restrictive on the bandwidth. Thanks for your input.

Okay I am now up and running on Qwest’s 12Mbps service and thus far the wife and I have watched a couple of full length movies and one hour-long show. The connection had to adjust once for speed but definitely not the dreaded “Your connection has stopped” message. I will post back after I have used it a little more.

Are you using a Router? If yes did you try connecting directly to your PC?

I’ve been trying out the Watch Instantly option and so far it’s great.
I have roadrunner (my ISP is Time Warner Cable of Maine) and although they advertise speeds up to 10 Mb/s,
the average with this ISP in Maine is 6.86 Mb/s.
Still, not too shabby.
I just tested my download speed and I’m running about 7.68 Mb/s.

I have 4 pcs hardwired to a Linksys router and another desktop and laptop are wifi.
My son has my Roku Digital Video Player ($99) wired to the coaxial cable that feeds his Samsung HDTV.

Everything plays remarkably well and the picture on the HDTV is outstanding.
Even fastforward and rewind operate reasonably.

I’m still waiting for NetFlix to add (my son’s) PS3 to their devices.
I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be in-the-works already.
Maybe then I can get my Roku back…:stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=fairplay;2254675]Are you using a Router? If yes did you try connecting directly to your PC?[/QUOTE]

I did have it hooked to a router with the old ISP but the thing is that I never had anything else hooked up to the router on a regular basis. I don’t have it with the router with the current setup but even so given the fine print limitations of my old ISP in terms of bandwidth and “excessive use” I would definitely say it was the main culprit.

I’ve used it quite a bit and some shows would stop all together and others would adjust. I had 5mb service at the time. Other times I would have no problem, so I’m not sure if it was their end or mine.

I am starting to think that netflix throttles the instant watch if you are a heavy user (same as their disc rental service).

[QUOTE=Jesterrace;2261504]I am starting to think that netflix throttles the instant watch if you are a heavy user (same as their disc rental service).[/QUOTE]

I like Veoh better…:smiley:

Thank you for your post.

I have the one cd at a time Netflix plan with on-line movie access, the $8 plan.

I have The slower DSL service in my area through our phone company.

The DVD service is pretty good. Usually we have a new DVD on the second day after mailing the watched DVD, so about 48 hours turn around time from DVD out to DVD in. Sometimes it will come on the third day, but not often. I wouldn’t call us heavy users for the DVDs.

As far as the on-line service since my girlfriend and I both use it together and independently so I would say we are heavy users. We do get the adjusting speed thing regularly once maybe twice per movie. I have gotten the movie ending type of error once, but it was during peak internet usage times. We eat breakfast/dinner in that block of time on a regular basis so we don’t see it very often. I would say we are heavy on-line users.

Chances are if you want to watch a movie just as people are getting to or home from work/school you are in for a somewhat disappointing experience on a regular high-speed connection. But, if you avoid watching during the busy internet times you will be very happy with your $8 a month service. How much of the bandwidth issue is attributable to Netflix from my perspective is a little murky to speculate on since I have zero facts besides my own experience.

My daughters gave me a Roku player for Fathers Day, and I would have to say it has exceeded my expectations. I have 7mbps cable internet and use the built-in wifi on the Roku. I have watched several movies, both standard def and HD. All have played beautifully with no hiccups at all. I am very happy with the Roku player and Netflix streaming.

[QUOTE=Jesterrace;2261504]I am starting to think that netflix throttles the instant watch if you are a heavy user (same as their disc rental service).[/QUOTE]

There could be some truth to the second but it be hard to prove one way or another. Plus the ISP have been known to throttle their own bandwidth subscribers thinking they are file sharing when they are instant watching. The ISP always talk about high speed but then double right back throttle users. That part doesn’t make sense you want people to go broad band but then throttle them for using it or paying for the hi-speed. Sounds like they want our money but fail to see how the internet is growing and that file sharing or torrenting isn’t going to go down but grow and grow. That’s just how it is. I would like to go instant watch but my DSL might be a tad slow for it so I just go DVD instead not for conviences but that I can watch over and over and pick which I want to watch on what ever player not just on my laptop or desktop that has to be continous connected to the internet. Instant all good and stuff if you have hi-speed or internet connection that the big downside. No Internet connection no Hi-speed instant watching.

my wife and i use netflix and we love it. i also use the online feature quite a bit and have never had a problem. i do have the lower end dsl for my isp have come across no problems. we also use a wired router for the house.