Netflix: Hulu is a 'small' and 'direct competitor'

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Movie powerhouse Netflix sees Hulu Plus as a “small” and “direct competitor” it must handle in the current battle for online video supremacy.

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I like Netflix, went there after Blockluster, (yes, I know it’s spelled wrong, but it describes their customer service) raised the cost of their dvd to store changeouts from like 30 bucks to 50. With that stupidity, I have never been in a blockbuster since 2007. Hulu is also a good product, but I thought it was a collaboration of like CBS and NBC? Netflix bought rights to NBC’s library which will make them tons of money, once it all gets ready for streaming. As long as Netflix doesn’t get to greedy, I can see them lasting for quite a while. I have nothing bad to say about them. Now if one of those would get me my damn Tennessee Tuxedo and Stanley cartoons, there would be harmony in the world.

Netflix streaming makes things much easier for my TV viewing. Well worth my $9/month. I’d be willing to pay a little more if they’d add more streaming titles.