Netflix hires new COO - former U.S. Postmaster General

I just posted the article Netflix hires new COO - former U.S. Postmaster General.

 Online DVD rental service Netflix Inc., has hired former U.S. Postmaster General             William J. Henderson (1998-2001) as its chief operations  officer, starting January 23. This may soon...
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I don’t agree with this article, in fact, US Postal Service has for the first time been profitable and would be, if I’m not mistaken, the only profitable government agency. Which brings out the question why did stamps just go up $.02 cents… Either way, the going postal jokes will always be there, but USPS has been doing pretty damn well so hiring their leader doesn’t strike me as a bad decision.

Your right! The post office went into the black in 2005 (I did not know that!). 4 years after Henderson left though. :wink: They went up due to a bill passed in Congress in 2003…no one knows why or what will be done with the money. It has nothing to do with operations or covering cost increases.
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