Netflix hires Frank PR for their upcoming UK launch

I just posted the article Netflix hires Frank PR for their upcoming UK launch.

Well, we
all have read the online DVD rental market is getting exciting with new
competition and price drops, now we can read that the once postponed Netflix UK
launch is drawing near…

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Some big companies have decided to fight netflix for the market share (be it online/mail or local). I was hoping the competition would cause netflix to improve service (it has certainly caused drastic price changes). I have to wonder if they are going to just go with the status quoe in the US and try to increase there company in foren markets. Books and magazines have certainly goten beter rates and bulk advertisers negotiate beter deals (if net flix ran on the weekends, I would gladly accept that they would not deliver on mass mailing days (wensday here). I guess that might not work with individual mail like it does with bulk but surely they can negotiate? I just hope that they still care about the US market, because I a thinking about switching back to them because of the selection (thier major strong point), and hope the competition has improved things since I last used thier service.???:stuck_out_tongue: