Netflix goes stream-only outside of U.S



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Netflix plans to expand outside of the United States, but only with its instant online video streaming. Meanwhile, the company has no plans for a U.S. service that doesn’t include DVDs by mail.

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Makes sense to only stream but if your streaming internationally it will be a can of worms if it’s confined to realtime playback as international bandwidth is not always good… New Zealand is a prime example of that and I’m sure by Outside the US Netflix most likely means Canada…


DVD mail service outside the US would not only bankrupt Netflix but would be cost prohibited. The rental fees would be so expensive they would most likely loose more money then they take in subscribers. Not to mention their DVDs being pirated and sold - that’s probably the one big chill factor not having rental outside of the US markets. Streaming wouldn’t be so bad outside the US as they will be already for paid subscribers but that only if they the subscribers have high speed broadband access and isn’t blocked or throttled by their government or agencies. But that’s IMOP.