Netflix - first 3 months $10/mo, code: noduedates92

First 3 months $10/mo, code: noduedates92

This is the 3 out at a time.

Ooh, got anything like this for lovefilm or any other online dvd rental in the UK???

damn i just signed up for hollywood video, how long you think this offer will be around?

does this work if you’re already member? can i just cancel and use the code?

^probably, try it

Crap, and I just signed up again (had to get some rare movies and Sliders season 3). :wink:

I doubt it. They usually put up these offers for new members. You won’t lose anything by trying, or if you don’t want to go through with the hassle, phone them up or email them

I used the link above and the code but when I checked my account this morning it said I was in for the free 10 day trial and will be billed the regular fee beginning 8/8/05 :frowning: guess I’ll just cancel it