Netflix DVD movies will not mount or play?



Any help would be appreciated, I want to watch my Netflix DVD in my MacBook pro computer. I put the DVD into the drive, it attempts to read it about 3 times, then spits it out. I also tried it in 2 different stand alone drives and the DVD is not recognized in those either so I know it is not a faulty drive in my computer. Is there any type of protection Netflix that would prohibit the playing of their dvd’s on a computer or external drive?
All other dvd’s, ones that I own, redbox, etc all play fine??


The disk may be scratched or dirty -try cleaning it carefully. Netflix has no special protection.


No, there is no extra protection on Netflix DVD’s.

You’ve cleaned the disc presumably, but there might be scratches on it that are preventing the DVD from playing.


Yes, I did try cleaning thoroughly. The strange thing is I have tried with 4 different Netflix dvd’s and ALL failed to play or even mount for that matter.
All other dvd’s I own, or redbox, etc play and mount fine. Thanks


There are reports scattered around the web that Netflix DVDs are a problem with computers but are okay with standalone DVD players. Possible reasons: maybe because of the copy protection used, maybe because the discs have been handled roughly so many times, maybe both. Shouldn’t be that way, but enough people have complained about it over the years that it could be a real problem.

Also, OS X is very…quick to reject discs that aren’t easily detected. And I mean VERY quick. Unlike Windows, OS X will just eject the disc immediately as an indication that something is wrong. At the same time, Apple is very strict on the way they implement media playback, so if something about the disc is out of spec (like an aggressive form of copy protection), the OS might not be able to work around it. …Unless the standalone drives were connected to a Windows device, then the OS might not even matter.

Do you have access to a standalone DVD player connected directly to a TV?


A good while back I had a Netflix account and got DVD’s in the mail. I never had issues playing them in a computer.

It may be down to how good a reader you have. Some of my computer drives are much worse at reading scratched discs than others. In fact, my latest drive, a Pioneer 207MBK Blu-ray, is one of the worst at reading scratched discs I’ve ever seen.


Yes, it plays fine in my DVD player connected to the tv. All 4 of the Netflix dvd’s are clean, no scratches but will not play or even recognzized on my macbookpro OS X 10.9.5. I think there may be some sort of protection on the Netflix dvd’s that I have that will not allow for play on a computer or an external drive in case they are tried to be copied, but I just want to watch these movies on my computer. Any other ideas?


I still do NOT think there is any other protection on these discs. This could be an issue in the Mac operating system like Albert stated, but I don’t believe Netflix DVD’s have extra copy protection.

Some discs do have more structural protection, but it won’t be something only seen on the Netflix editions.

If you were using Windows, I’d recommend getting AnyDVD, DVDFab Passkey, or the free version DVDFab Passkey Lite and running one of those programs in the background to break encryption. This would eliminate the possibility of encryption being the problem. But none of these work on a Mac unless you want to run a VM or dual boot with Bootcamp.

What we cannot recommend is using a decrypter that works in OSX to rip the DVD’s to the hard drive and play them from there. Netflix stopped selling old copies of DVD’s back in 2008, so general consumers can only access their rental discs. And the rules of the forum prohibit us from discussing backups made from rented material.


There’s no way to force the OS to recognize them anyway, even if they were purchased instead of rentals.

Unless you can try to use the external optical drives (you said you have those, right?) on a Windows machine, you may be out of luck for any other testable theories. Which external optical drives do you have, by the way?