Netflix comes to TiVo

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Online subscription movie service Netflix has sealed a deal with TiVo to stream movies to TiVo HD, HD XL and Series3 digital video recorders.Under the agreement, subscribers to both services will…

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Brilliant. I love my Tivo box and often thought it would be a perfect Netflix streaming box as well. Even though I’m one of the few that does have a computer permenantly attached to my TV the ease of using Tivo to stream movies just can’t be beat.

About time this deal finally happened! I remember learning about it a few years ago, but was disappointed when Netflix had to deal with licensing issues.

It looks like Netflix really wants to get away from physical media and focus more on streaming content.

Actually they intend to include the streaming media to diversify their content and give people a choice in how they view movies…

Great move for Netflix…

Did they say whether or not the content will be HD?