Netflix CEO: A service like Netflix helps against piracy -


A service like Netflix helps against piracy, according to Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings. According to Hastings his video streaming service contributes to lower piracy rates because it offers a cheap alternative to illegal downloading. He made his statement during an interview after his keynote at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) currently held in Barcelona.

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That would be true if content were actually available to people around the world. However, the self-defeating mentality of geoblocking is still as strong as ever. On top of which, there are still plenty of movies and shows that simply not available. So, illegal downloads will continue.

On the other hand, the shows/movies that are available will indeed be illegally downloaded on a much less frequent basis.


In Australia only Foxtel holds first right (by law) to even show new movie releases (TV) - Netflix can’t do anything coz they’re unable to compete. Probably same/similar for other countries!?

Netflix a bit in LaLa land, no?