NetFlix caves to ComCast

In a landmark deal, Netflix has agreed to pay Comcast for direct access to the company’s broadband system. The announcement comes after months of dispute between Netflix and broadband providers about who should pay for increasing bandwidth loads.


My streaming performance for Netflix via Comcast is worse than ever.

Mine is awesome with Cablevision.:confused:


I have no issue with Netflix on Xfinity (Comcast for all practical purposes). This might be a good move for Netflix in the long run. They get guaranteed bandwidth so they can provide good service to their subscribers and Comcast gets a revenue stream to replace what they loose to Netflix. Most of the young people in our family that live on their own have foregone cable television service. They use the Internet and a service like Netflix, Hulu etc. as a substitute. This might be the beginning of the end for Comcast’s cash cow of charging for television content. At some point in the not too distant future I think services like Netflix will dominate over the current providers like Comcast. Then Comcast, Verizon etc. will be relegated to being Internet service providers for the most part. The young people seem to be leading the way to the future on how we will get our entertainment.