Netflix announces biggest subscription price increase ever - up to 18%

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Video streaming service Netflix is raising its prices considerably in the United States. Subscriptions become 13 to 18 percent more expensive, depending on the plan. The price increase is the largest since Netflix launched, twelve years ago.

I dumped Netflix a long time ago as I don’t care for them injecting politics into their platform on my dime. Additionally, they are charging way too much for what they deliver. Considering the amount of debt they manage I wonder how much longer they can survive in their current form. This debt is likely driving their prices ever higher and this is a trajectory that will end badly for them.

We here are good to agree with being disagreeable but this latest rant goes to Alice in Wonderland.

What Politics? One needs to stop hitting the Koolaid late nights here. Their TOS and EULA that you agree to and so you gave up those rights when you signed on. And there are people still signing on so giving misleading information one should avoid doing.

Your not part of the management that pretty easy said here. And if your ISP charges you more are you going to cut the ISP off when they are the only one you can use? Let’s live in a realistic world not a Alice in Wonderland that might help with a holistic world view here.

What debt? Your own debt shouldn’t be made into some else debt. Right there in their own TOS gives them the right to do as they want. So you have no say in it.

Netflix has been promoting leftist SJW dogma for quite some time. They now have the Obamas deciding on content offered and Susan Rice sits on their BoD. I don’t want them, or Republicans, pushing political ideology on my dime. Spend the money on providing good content and not paying off politicians. They are paying the Obamas $50 MILLION for what? They have zero experience in providing entertainment of this nature.

As for fees, they really have no choice due to the debt they are continually acquiring. Do some research and you will see they are racking up a lot of debt. I dropped them a long time ago and really haven’t missed them much. It is more economical to subscribe one month a year and then bing watch their proprietary content.

Just as Netflix has the right to do what they want, the rest of us has the right to do what we want and not use their service. Also, I think they should pay a fee to ISPs since they hog a huge amount of bandwidth. Why should non Netflix subscribers (who are the vast majority of internet users) subsidize them and their users by paying higher internet service fees? They are riding on the backs of people who have no obligation to, or receive any benefits from, subsidizing them.

Relevant or not, let’s leave politics out of the discussion.

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When people in my family subscribed to Netflix, we mostly wanted to stream shows we actually knew and liked. Since then, every one of those shows has been removed, and Netflix’s original shows have been front and center. The more I look at these shows, the more the appear to be “more of the same” compared to what’s on TV (IMHO). It’s become quite disappointing. :-(