Netflix and Hulu Plus battle for customer attention



Netflix and Hulu Plus battle for customer attention.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The battle to bring content into the living room has accelerated over the past two years, with an influx in companies offering new products and services. The struggle between Netflix and Redbox has forced some customers to patiently wait to see how the industry shakes up, but both services have appealing features.

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You can cut the cord figuratively and still get local channels…there is OTA content for all your local channels unless you live in very remote places and if your that remote then you probably wouldn’t have a good internet provider to begin with so the lack of local content comment really makes no sense.

I cut the cord many years ago still watch all my local channels in HD even OTA. I use netflix and free Hulu and then redbox and use to use blockbuster kiosks until their customer service went down the crapper and they can’t ever seem to keep their kiosks in working order.