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I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I searched and couldn’t find any information on this subject.

I have a Netflix membership and I’m a very big fan of Dragonball Z. Their selection is noticeably lacking and I was wondering if anyone knew of a Netflix alternative with a better Anime selection (particularly Dragonball Z).

I have a bunch of the DVDs but they’re just getting far too expensive to buy ($25 for 3 episodes) and I think I just want to start renting the episodes I haven’t seen yet.

Thank in advance for any help! :slight_smile:


Somewhere on the NetFlix website, there’s something there where you can request a movie…


Thanks. Maybe I’ll give that a shot.


How about this and this ?


Well, I know where to buy them I just think they’re far too expensive. That’s why I just want to rent them. I can’ deal with not owning them if it saves me $25 US.

With Netflix I can get 3 DVDs at a time for $19.95 a month. I live right next to a depot so there’s a one day turnaround time. I haven’t watched for a while so I just want to catch up on all the episodes. $25 is just too much for three episodes.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Trying to rent anime movies here in the Netherlands is practically impossible. I have yet to see a video store which has more than Akira.


Yikes. Maybe that’s the tradeoff for living in the States. Sure, the rest of the world hates us but at least we have a decent Anime selection. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s tough here as well. No places really offer much selection for rentals and the cost of buying is far above that of regular movies. A regular movie here costs around $15 US. Anime is generally between $25 and $30 per DVD. And don’t you know they only stick 3 episodes on a disc when they could easily get 10-12.

Perhaps picking up used copies may be my best bet. I’ll try and rent the ones off of Netflix that are there at least. I want to catch up on all the episodes but I’d have to get a second job to afford to buy ALL of them.



Once in a while you can get a pretty decent compilation of most anime series on amazon. Just go to the “used” section and check what bootlegs and custom dvd’s they offer. I already ordered TriGun (3 dvd’s , 26 episodes) and Cowboy Bebop (3 dvd’s , about 15 episodes) and wasn’t dissapointed.


Yeah. I’m thinking Amazon may be my best bet at this point.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


You’re most welcome. If you know any other webstore that has secure payment , cheap prices and excellent delivery please post them. Other readers can also benefit from this.

There should be more/better anime ! :smiley:


Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
There should be more/better anime ! :smiley:

Either that or they could just price the stuff reasonably. If they made full use of the DVDs by putting 10-12 episodes per DVD or if they lowered the price then it would be acceptable. I’d love to own the DVDs, but paying $10 US over the cost of your average movie foro 3 epsidoes (usually about an hour of watching) is just ridiculous.


I just recently joined Netflix, and rented my first Anime series (Hellsing). I’m hooked now, and I can’t believe how hard it is to find the stuff. I think I’m going to upgrade to the “8 at a time” package at Netflix, at least for a little while. If you do find another good place to rent anime, please post it.


Blockbuster rents now too…cheaper than netflixs…not sure on selection though.


Yeah, but from what I read in another thread, Blockbuster has a horrible selection, and shipping takes a while since they don’t have anywhere near the amount of distro. centers as Netflix. Tho they said they will be putting in more distrobution centers in the future.