Netflix algorithm penalizes heavy renters with fewer movies

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                       There are some profit salvaging,  number crunching procedures going on at Netflix these days. Manuel Villanueva signed up for  Netflix Inc.'s online DVD rental...
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Yeah,…I noticed, Lately, the movies i return show up 2-3 days later instead the next day as it use to, and they also take their time shipping one out to me, movies that come from Netflix say “Shipping Today” for 2 days and then take 2 days to get here, With all the turnaround time, I don’t have eough movies to watch now. :frowning: Started thinking about quiting Netflix and looking at the BlockBuster. Is it any good? Their selection seems almost as good as Netflix’s.

The way I see it, your penalizing the people that actually return the DVD’s in a timely fashion so that it can go out to the next customer more quickly… Sure, send those high demand movies to the people who can keep them up to a week or more while that is idling in my queue for several weeks… Another reason to hate “the man”…

I was going to say the same thing Hypnosis4U2NV. They get their movies back from me fast, my friends keep it for a week. I understand that it isn’t profitable for NetFlix to mail me 22 discs a month for my $17.99. But I wasn’t the me how came up with the 3 at a time (unlimited) plan for $17.99. They didn’t think that there will be heavy renting with some customers? Maybe the slow renters subsidize heavy renters. Who Knows.

This isn’t really news, it has been well-known for a long time. I now have a shipping center in my city, but my turn arounds have not gotten faster. they do everything possible to limit you to 1 turn around per week. Not only do they limit what movies are available to you, but they delay shipping your next disc for one, sometimes 2 days. They also ship the movies from the center that is farthest away from you whenever possible. The only way to “reset” your account throttle is to stop it for one month. Maintaining 2 different accounts with different shipping address, and closing one of them each month, alternating, is one way around the throttle.
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i canceled netflix today because netflix has been shipping less than 3 disks a week (on 3 disks at a time plan) my last queue batch was shipped 5 days ago & received today even though the distribution center they used was a single business day away. it also happened that they used distribution centers far away from me more than usual. it takes at least few days to return the things. hopefully this problem won’t push the on-demend service

unless you watch tv-series, bb can be better if you are not far away from the distribution center. my only problem with bb is that the anime series are not organized together & there are some missing volumes good thing about bb is that it is cheaper & offering free retail rental coupons + there are many editions of same titles unlike netflix

Easy solution- set up a 2 tiered plan with max-out per month limits. Extra $5 gets you unlimited ‘rental’ (copying) privileges, everyone else is limited to current median +1 or 2 to keep everyone kosher. Netflix employs one too many ‘monkeys of moderate intelligence’ who went to business school.

netflix did the same thing to me but now they have a new trick up there sleeve i live in brooklyn ny my nearest shipping facility is in flushing ny 10 miles away but what they do is send me return shipping address in californa thats right 3500 miles away from my house they slip this on me i almost sent it to californa i had to use a old return lable i keep these people are fuards i am thinking about quiting them and all the new movies i now have to wait very long more then a one to 2 months watch you return shipping address this is there new fuard sending the disks 3500 miles from your home so it takes 8 days to get there:(

I feel everyone’s pain, which is why I only renew my membership about two months a year. It seems to keep them on their toes: since the 23rd of January, I’ve received (and returned) 21 movies so far. I’ll probably get “back of the bus” service from here on out, but I’ve already ‘watched’ all the flicks on my current wish list – everything else between now and the 22nd of this month is gravy :S
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Netflix? who has lost the ability to not walk to a video shop? Anyway…Here in south Germany, new dvd rental is 50 eur cent for daily or 1 eur if you want to keep overnight. THATS CHEAP. Selection is great too. Kontakt World of video if you don’t believe me. I love usenet and dvdcore too but this is rental heaven :slight_smile: at least for me. Feed (me) a great movie! see see see

It’s not a question of going to a rental shop. Netflix has the most incredible selection of DVD’s in the world. Go to a local shop and you can spend all day looking for something you want to watch. Neighborhood stores here are extinct thanks to Blockbuster and a couple others. If you want to see anything other than a few dozen recent releases, it’s online or nothing.

I live in Albany, NY and there’s a Netflix shipping facility in town. The last 6 dvd’s I got were all shipped out of either Conn. or Mass. even though I live less than 10 miles away. I’ve been a heavy renter for months and this is getting to be ridiculous. I wish there was an alternative to Netflix but they pretty much have a monopoly on this type of service. Everyone else has poor selection, higher prices, long wait times, and very few shipping facilities acroos the country. I might buy a P.O. Box and open another account. Maybe that trick mentioned a few posts back works. The alternating accounts every month thing.

I finally got fed up with them and cancelled my subscription. Took forever for them to acknowledge that I had returned their dvds. And I had one fairly recent movie (not an absolutely new release) at the top of my queue for 10 weeks. Never got it, and the message never changed from “short wait”.

It proved what I felt previously, if you watch the movie the same day as you get it and return the next day, you will be considered heavy renters and delivery will be somehow “slowed down”. Not good Netflix !

Blockbuster Online has started doing the same thing to me. Movies coming from Stamford when I am in Milford (CT) are suddenly taking 3 days, instead of the 1 they used to :r

yep!!! Damn Netflix is doing the same to me, my turn around is extremely slow. I guess I just have to quit them. Oh! well, I guess is true what they say, all good things come to an end!!! Is there a way to reset Netflix using the same address?

Is anyone interested in joining into a class-action lawsuit against Netflix? I’m willing to get involved.

Class action suit ? Count me in.

I understand Netflick’s position, that they lose money on the flat rate if people actually use it to the physical capacity. Sort of the inverse of the AOL method, which is to give you #### hours free access for X amount of time, which comes out as 22+ hours a day, because they don’t honestly believe that you can stay on that long. (And then they get nasty on you if you do, figuring that you’ve gotta be running something off their network to accrue that kind of useage.) However, punishing your best clients… who do they think they are, the RIAA? :stuck_out_tongue: