Netflix adds HD-DVD to rentals - Wal-mart cancels pre-orders



I just posted the article Netflix adds HD-DVD to rentals - Wal-mart cancels pre-orders.

The movie
rental company Netflix has added capability for customers to set up a queue for
rentals through their accounts. Unfortunately, it looks as though the HD-DVD

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It looks like Walmart froze their HD program not because of the delays, but as a seldom surge of indefinite wisdom. They probably figured that every second customer will be coming back saying their disk does not play. Period. Average folks wont care whether it is due to lack of internet connection, proper equipment or incompatible format. And as they will get no credit for the open title, it is money wise for them to cancel the whole adventure, at least till it is all sorted out. Well, this is the first seriuos blow to the smart arse wormat(s), and counting…


This is good. All the brains of the world will get a chance to see in big numbers what’s under the hood. Won’t that be a kick if Anydvd come out with a fix. Blow the who industry’s business model to bits


Yes, I want to rent a player to play HD, as well as an HDTV set.


Smart of walmart, why start with a new format when prople have just gotten used to DVD.


Oh man they just don’t get it… “Average” people (not interested in this matters) will stay with DVD format for a long time! I’ve talked with some friends that are not inside this subjects as IT, media, hdtv sets and they said they will stick to DVD because have made good investments in a good lcdtv, speakers and dvd writers:B It seems to me that this new formats will have a lot of trouble to dominate the market (if they ever come into mass production) :+


I don’t have to “remember” it. Most of the local rental stores near me offer the ability to rent a VCR, a DVD player, or a gaming console for 2-7 days. You can probably BUY a cheap DVD player or VCR for $10 more than what they’re asking to rent one for a week, but the option’s still there. I can’t see an online mail based service doing it though. There’s just no way I can see that working.