Netflix acuses Blockbuster of patent infringement

I just posted the article Netflix acuses Blockbuster of patent infringement.

Several people including RTV71,drpino and shimman used our news submit to tell us that Netflix has been awarded a couple new patents that speak to renting out movies through…

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Gee, can I open a brick & mortar video rental store and patent that idea? Can whoever first opened a drive-through fast food window patent that idea? What a bunch of nonsense. Lawyers and bureaucrats with no common sense and excessive time on their hands.

To me the problem lies within the patent office too.

Which company is bigger? I’d love to see Blockbuster buy Netflix and fire those behind this.

lets be honest here they both give a rough ride once they have your monthly subscription

:frowning: I had net flix for a while and after about a month the service slowed to a crawl and I never got any new releases. Switched to blockbuster and been happy ever since

Yet more proof the American Patent system is broken. I wonder if we can patent the idea to capture p2p pirates on the itnernet, and then sue the MPAA and RIAA for infringing on our ideas? :smiley: Since this is basically all that netflix is doing.

problems is that virtually everything is patentable including business practices

That’s exactly why they are suing! They can’t handle the competition. They cut yout service if you actully use it and sue the competition becaues it’s there. Netflix shouldn’t be allowed to have a monolopy on the online movie rental business.