Netbook decision

I wouldn’t want a dual core in my netbook. I think it would just be way to much to cool down inside that little guy. Besides its only for internet use. If you plane to play video games your out of your mind.

Whats your budget? The one you were looking at is $500. Is there a reason you want a netbook? For $500 you could go get a laptop that is much better. Or if you willing to wait i would use that $500 to get myself a tablet PC. So far the one i have found the best is made by Archos. It can even play HD on the little guy.

Getting a netbook with the ability to play HD content and send it via HDMI to a HDTV is a very nice feature for the modern techie though. Also some netbooks struggle to do basic internet HULU/Youtube HQ video content. So these new dual cores are very efficient and cool, and they work well in the ~3LB frame. Also the latest technology allows them to effectively shut down the second core and save the most power possible.

Yeah i know they can shut stuff down they have been doing that with desktops for a while. idk i never got into them that much. I would read a tone of reviews before buying one. But sense i’m not going to buy one i never read up ont hem to much :smiley:

Still i think i would hold out to get a tablet.