Netbook decision

I’ve looked at a bunch of different netbooks at newegg and tigerdirect, but when I find I like and research it, there’s usually something bad about it. So far the one I like the most is this one, but a reviewer said that it can’t boot off usb and I would like to at least have that option.

What I’m looking for in a net book is:
Windows ( preferably Vista or 7 premium)
at least a N280 cpu
usb boot
similar screen size.

I’ve googled all around but have yet to come up with an answer. This forum helped me with my component buying decision when I built my first computer (which runs like a dream still) and I hope I can get help again.

If it were me I would get a model with the SU2300 dual core in it, check this one out: Acer Aspire AS1410-2285

Neat. I did some looking around on the machine eric93se recommended and can’t really find many complaints. I was a little put off by the 1.2GHz CPU, but then again, I’m not going to use it for anything that would need more power. And .4GHz doesn’t mean that much right? As long as it can boot off of a USB flash drive, I’m totally sold. (I’m a linux junkie and want to use it w/o voiding warranties.)

Dude its dual core, totaling 2.4GHz!

Read more about it HERE

I didn’t think it was as simple as doubling the speed if it’s dual core. I thought that there would some convoluted reason that would make more complicated to get a “true speed”.

Oh well. Like I said, I’m most likely going to get the AS1410-2285 that you recommended. I just hope it can boot usb drives.

Once again, eric93se to the rescue!

one of the reviews:

“Pros: Everything works with Linux straight away, web cam, video driver, wireless drivers. Was able to set up a dual boot with Windows 7 fairly easy. Coming from a asus eeepc 900a, I found the acer to be a good place between smaller netbooks and laptops. Using Ubuntu 9.10 perfectly.”

Yeah but he said he’s dual booting. If something happens, I send it in for service, and they see a non-standard OS, they’ll void the warranty and refuse to service the machine. I’m going to get an extended warranty and I don’t want to compromise it. If it were a laptop, I could use a restore disk, but, alas, I don’t have that luxury. With a flash drive, I can jusst remove it.

Strangley though, the more I think about booting using usb, the less I seem to care. If eric93se’s recomended model has it, then it’s a bonus. If not, oh well.

Let us know how it goes :wink:

The Acer Aspire AS1410-2801 is sold out. According to newegg, it’s no longer available. Any other suggestions?

It was instock just the other day, so it will pop back in you just have to check a couple times a day. Here is the direct link for the black one Link

Be patient :slight_smile:

there must be good demand on it.

I’m not big on netbooks but i would deff make sure it is bootable by USB. Because you have no CD/DVD rom and the restore partitions aren’t that trust worthy. Plus you can setup booting into any OS over a external. Honestly i would think it could most can but i don’t know about netbooks.

Make sure you read all the reviews on it. And expect the Acer to fall apart before getting out dated. Acer has great deals on stuff but they normally last 3 yrs and then hings/buttons start breaking. I have found with almost every Acer i have serviced its the stuff like hings that go before the hardware dose. But at least the company prices them selves right. If your going to replace it in about 3 yr any ways Acer is decent because you get something for a lower price. I’m sure if your careful with it will last longer though.

It has to be outlined: a netbook is not about/for videoediting… a netbook serves absolutely different purposes. Thus there should be different priorities for the user. Like, for instance: size, wireless capabilities (wi-fi a/g/n, 3G, BT) and last but not least, BATTERY LIFE!!! Other specs in high-end netbooks are almost the same, with little difference.

A netbook is a category between a smartphone and a notebook/laptop, that has to be realized. Each equipment for its proper purpose.

Good luck.

I like my ASUS 1000HE, very good battery life, nice Matt display, easy to upgrade BOTH Ram and HDD, bluetooth, wi-fi n; key board not as nice as the 1005HA but not a problem for me.

[QUOTE=eric93se;2482846]It was instock just the other day, so it will pop back in you just have to check a couple times a day. Here is the direct link for the black one Link

Be patient :slight_smile:

there must be good demand on it.[/QUOTE]

I hope so. I’ve checked multiple sites, and they are all out of stock. The fact that newegg lists the AS1410-2801 as a “Deactivated Item” is a little discouraging, and a google search suggested that is has been discontinued, and there will be no more. Newegg doesn’t even have an ETA on it either. I think I might hold off for a while, but I don’t think it will come back in stock.

Yeah normal if its deactivated it means they stop carrying it. Ones something gets out of date etc they stop carrying the item. They just put up deactivated for a while for those who were looking at it.

Honestly the first one you were looking at is pretty nice. The processor is decent with out being to big. If you get to big in one of those small things it will either over heat or you will need fans etc making it louder and bigger. Thats why they all have smaller ones in them.

But the one you posted a link to is nice. You can upgrade that bad boy to 8Gb of RAM thats pretty good for a netbook. And i have never gone wrong with any asus product in my life. And the Eee PC is a nice netbook. Did you check any of there updates to see if they plan to allow USB boot. One of my older computers didn’t but they released updates for my mobo allowing it.

The SU2300 will crush the Atom. I’ve seen them listed high demand items as deactivated before, they’ve done it with the new Samsung F3 HDD’s. If you wait their will always be something new around the corner, its just how long your willing to wait.

[QUOTE=eric93se;2482042]Dude its dual core, totaling 2.4GHz!
Please tell me that was a joke and I just didn’t get it?

Its a 1.2GHz CPU, right? and its a dual core processor, right? 1.2GHz is not the processors total speed, you realize that right? Their are two processors that run at 1.2GHz inside that cpu, right? Modern software does a really nice job of simultaneously loading both cores these days. So when comparing it to a 1.6GHz single core, the 1.2GHz dual core wins, right?

Here’s a good article, but no performance figures on the SU2300 and the Atom. It also mentions in the next few months ION2 graphics should be comming out. Intel Atom vs. SU2300 vs. SU3500 ULV Processors

Also an alternative powerful Netbook to consider would be the dual core Atom N330. Newegg Link Its a little more money and I don’t know if its worth it.

Assuming all other components are identical and that the CPUs are identical apart from frequency and core count, probably not (assuming background tasks don’t use many resources) for single threaded apps, but probably for typical present day multitasking desktop/portably workloads.

Problem is, it is technically inaccurate - clock frequency (the term “clock speed” implies the incorrect concept that clock frequency=performance) is a rather specific term, unfortunately marketeers of multicore or multiprocessor systems have often claimed that a computer with n cores (or CPUs) running at x megahertz is an nx megahertz system, which is quite simply wrong. (To my annoyance, one company doing this was Be, which made excellent and inventive hardware and software that during the company’s early stage was aimed at developers and geeks rather than the general public - and yet they marketed their dual PPC 604 @ 66MHz configuration as a 133MHz computer)