Net radio raises a pirate flag - A new technology pops up

I just posted the article Net radio raises a pirate flag - A new technology pops up.

After recent developments in the USA, a lot of internet radio stations have stopped their activities. A few weeks ago The Congress set rules for the amounts online radio stations must pay for the…

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Well its an interesting idea at least. I wonder if it would really be as effective as suggested.:wink:

This sucks!:frowning: My favorite radio station is too far away for me to pick up on a radio. I went their site and they had taken out the online stream. They also said it was due to congress and the costs they would incur to stay online. Now how will I find out about new bands so I can buy their CDs? Looks like I’ll just have to download some mp3s. :d

AHhhh Once again the greed of corporations bitesthem on the arse …:7

Technology itself is not an issue. The RSTP protocol '“ used by RealNetworks '“ can be extended with new futures so that users can share a stream. I also think that with limited efforts Winamp and shoutcast can be used to create a Kazaa like sharing mechanism for audio and video streams. ChainCast Networks, however, is marketing a technology called Chaincasting. Which is basically nothing more than a, so called, software patent. The Yankee Group research firm is definitely thinking into the wrong direction; it is very easy to generate money with an Internet radio station. Just register or start your company outside the US … and work with this country’s local organization responsible for 'usage fees of copyrighted material" ! The basic problem is not technology but the very restrictive way of thinking by the US government.

I can’t see who would really want to go through the effort to create a station that doesn’t generate revenue."
Is this guy just plain dumb or what? His whole life is obviously based purely around cash?? Hasn’t he ever heard of just normal pirate radio stations. They do it in real life, why not online too.