Net music mired in marketing woes

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Music is one of the key elements on the internet of today, millions of people share and download music of the internet and the record labels are trying to stop them, because they share copyrighted…

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The Industry ( a.k.a. RIAA ) is so reluctant to give up their current marketing model that they are letting an opportunity slip away out of their grasp. People aren’t opposed to paying a FAIR price for a DECENT product but the industry has yet to offer it to us. This is not the time to procranstinate or to launch lengthy lawsuits in a futile attempt to stem the wave of filesharing…its time to jump on the bandwagon and participate in a meaningful way. Open up your vaults and let people see what is available…at a FAIR price of course…and in an acceptable format. Silent movies … 78’s … and the Pony Express all disappeared…and so will you if you don’t adapt.

Goes to show thst the policies of the music industry pratts is hurting the legal web companies in their attempt to monopolise. I wonder what their motto is…mebbe “May a thousand camels pass through the eye of a needle before we see the light”…or summat like dat …:7