Net is not working

I can’t access my internet, I have surf a lot for the problem. I found one solution like start DHCP Client service. so how can I start this service. and what it the actual term it is. I don’t know where is it located?

o start the DHCP Client service:

  Make sure that you have logged on as a member of Administrators group on the local computer. If you cannot log on with this level of privilege, see Switching the USB connection protocol.
  Open the Computer Management tool:
        Click Start.
        Click Control Panel.
        Double-click Administrative Tools.
        Double-click Computer Management.
  In the console tree, under Services and Applications, click Services.
  In the details pane, click DHCP Client.
  On the Action menu, do one of the following:
        If the service is not started, click Start.
        If the service is already started, click Restart.

thanks for nicely explain.
I have restarted DHCP service but still the internet is not working. is there any solution available? please…:bow:

[QUOTE=rosscberg;2455544]thanks for nicely explain.
I have restarted DHCP service but still the internet is not working. is there any solution available? please…:bow:[/QUOTE]

Maybe a little more information on the computer will give us an opportunity to help. Is the computer a server, workstation, or a stand alone PC?

Edit: Explain how the computer is connected to the Internet. For Example Computer connects through Server, or Computer is connected to a router which is then connected to the modem, or computer connects directly to the modem.

I am using USB 3G modem, it runs without any sim. and my OS is windows XP P4. My ISP provide me one USB device and a supported software CD for it.

go to start the run type in cmd
then ipconfig
and see what it shows

It should show a ip address such as
subnet mask such as
default gateways such as

also cannot connect to internet does not tell us much

Were you connected before?
Is your computer a notebook or desktop?
Have you went to the control panel and the network connections and do you show a connections there?
I assume from you saying you have usb 3g modem that you are wireless but not sure.

There are many other qestions you need to answer before we can help much.
From the info you have given us it looks like you do not know a lot of connecting to the internet. Is there someone who could help you with it

Have you installed the supporting software from the ISP CD?

Plug in the USB modem device

Double click the desktop icon referring to your device

This should show you a window which, after a few seconds, indicates if there is a suitable, strong enough signal to connect with. If yes, click “connect”. If this is successful, then open your preferred browser.

I use one of these most of the time…they are fairly slow, and sometimes a bit unstable.

I have configured the wireless software and it was working fine before. it displays more than 3 tower now. after connecting device to the internet I successfully log in to G-talk and I can easily talk with my friends but I can surf the net. sorry for the late inform this thing but I notice this thing Yesterdays. then I check the ping, I found that I continuous ping.
so is there any problem in my browser? or something else…

I am going to take a back up and then reinstall the OS. I think it should the last solution of the above problem.