hi there, can someone please pleaae help me out. i pretty much hav no idea wot i’m doing wen it comes to burning dvd’s. i think the problem is, is that i’m using a tsstcorp DVDRW DL and it doesnt seem to want to burn any movies i hav stored on my hard drive. please advise me on what to do, anyone please :sad:

Welcome to CD Freaks.

Firstly it’s helpful to create a thread with something meaningful as the title. I think you’ve got time to do this still.

Secondly, can you give us more detail as to exactly what is happening.

We need to know what application you’re using to burn the movies, what format the movies are in - by that are they in VOB format or AVI format or something else, and what is the error you’re getting.

There’s more we’ll need to know later but that’s a starter.

cool, sorry, i’m using nero vision and iv tried vts vob, nerovision doc and mpeg and iv also tried them using the sonic application but every time i put a dvd rw in the drive, it ejects the disc and says i need to put a blank disc in although its already blank, i’m fairly confused

OK then I guess we need to know the burner and the media you’re using.

With Nero’s CD/DVD Speed , found under toolkit in StartSmart , insert a blank and use the Disc Info tab. That’ll show us all we need. With the “floppy” icon at top right you can capture the image & save it in PNG format and then post it back here by “Go Advanced” and “Manage Attachments”. Just browse for the saved image & select it and you should have the image attached & displayed.

Just a thought, do you have Alcohol installed?