NES USB controller with 4GB starage

The other day I was going through some things and found my old NES stuff and quickly saw much potential. I wanted to use the controller on my PC and further wanted to store the ROMs on the controller also so I did some shopping.

I bought a USB hub and a NES to USB converter chip, first thing I did was crack open the USB hub and remove the actual USB ports and original wire leaving me with this

Next was to open up and remove the USB port from an old 4GB flash drive I had laying around and wired everything up

Next I hot glued the flash drive and converter chip to the NES PCB

and cleaned up the wiring a bit

and last I had to grind down one of the posts on the back of the case so everything can fit

I will also be using this to store my school files and can’t wait to see every ones reaction when I plug this into the computer

Simply awesome.
This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while.
Wanna make another 2 or 3 for me?

I will send you a PM