NeroVission Express 2 problem



i wanna put together a dvd with mpg file and stuff. My question is when i go into it, theres only 1 option vcd. and when i go to the other video formats it says

“due to patent license restrictions MPEG-2 encodeing/decodeing/playback is not avalible. This Feature can be added by installing the dvd video plug in.”

My question wou be, do i have to buy this dvd video plug in to use it. I updated nero 6, and thats how i got nerovission express. Ive been trying to use CyberLink Powerproducer, but the problem with that is it freezes when its doing whatever it does before it burns.

if you could help me out id be very thankfull.



it’s are real nuisance.the codecs are installed but you need a seperate key to activate them. if you have a vision express key, reinstall vision express and enter that key during the installation. there’s another way to change it but i forget now as i have not NVE installed


well, i got nerovision express from udateing nero 6. so i dont really have a key for it.

does anybody know any other programs that can do the same kinda thing, creat dvds from mpg files (plus be able to make a menu for it).



Ulead DVD Workshop can create dvds and the menus and do many other things it’s problebly overkill and is fairly expensive.But you can download a 30 day trail which is fully functional.