Hi, sorry about these basic questions…

  1. Can I add or modify codecs (like adding Huffyuv)?

  2. Can it do multi-segment captures (FAT32)??


Can I add or modify codecs

If you mean can you transcode from one to the other, yes.

Can it do multi-segment captures (FAT32)??

Just started playing with captures, but the answer seems to be yes. It will capture in any AVI codec that you have installed, and seems to be able to join multiple files very nicely.

For converting AVI to MPEG, it’s not too great. I will still be using TMPGEnc for that.

Re: Capture… so I can add huffyuv to the codec list if I chose. How?? I didn’t see a way to do that or a directory to dump it in.

Re: Multi-segement: Do you think it will break up a large avi capture into smaller FAT32 size files and edit it as one? (like VirtualDub does). I would use VD except that I don’t want to have to use 4 or 5 programs to make a DVD. Its not worth it as I don’t have that kind of time.

Sad to hear that AVI to MPEG is not to good. That’s an important transcode for me. AFter you use TMPGEnc, what do you use of authoring and burning?

If I try (and succeed) in doing a 1/2 D1 MPEG capture, will this prog do a good job at minor cutting and editing? If so, than I can avoid the encoding process.

I like that it will capture in ac-3. Can I easliy edit the sound or copy a sound clip from it while in the ac-3 format?

Any other pitfalls with this prog that you can think of. My goal is to capture some TV shows off of my PVR.

Thanks, Lar

Mine is showing huffyv 2.1.1, don’t know where it came from but I must have installed it at some time. I’m of the impression that it should show whatever you have installed. I know some people have reported problems with that codec in Nero.

I’m not sure about splitting AVIs, I’d refer you to the help files (download the language pack).

I use TMPGEnc for converting to MPEG. It’s slow as mollases (days sometimes), but the results are much better. Use TMPGEnc-Author for making DVD files and DVDShrink to reduce them to 4.4GB. If Nero would add some noise filters and motion detection options, the quality would improve.
But for most everything else, it seems to be a nice program.