NeroVisionExpress 2 ALTERNATIVE?

I use NeroVision Express2 for encoding and burning AVI files to DVD. I would like to try out other programs like this that can do the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I’m aware of progs that can do one or the other, but not both. Is Nero the only one this versatile? Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. :bow:

Come on guys… I know there has to be some other program that can do what I want. You guys(the experts at CDfreaks :bow: ) have never let us newbies down, no matter how basic the question. So pleeease, throw a dog a bone!

Go to and give them a try, they seem to be the experts when it comes to video stuff…

i checked that site myself, too confusing LOL to much information overload

what about TMPGEnc DVD Author?