The NeroVisionApi example allows Inserting a new audio stream with a video stream. In The Xml It Looks Something like this Copied it below…
When i try to encode this into a dvd project it fails during the transcoding during the estimation.
If i try to encode this into a svcd/vcd project if works perfectly.
I am trying to add background music to my mpeg-2 file before burning it. Does anyone have a solution to this problem or a work around that does not include nero?
I Really need the help…

NeroSdk 1.08

Xml: Attached as text file…


Is anybody out there? Is there any way to get support on this issue or any type of answer?


Am I Missing a codec of some sort? Could that be the problem?
If i try to use the export option than i recieve a message stating that NeAcEnc.dll was not found or not correctly initialized. I have version and it is in all the relevant directories…
Does anybody have a clue why this is happening?
NeroVision Express is able to recieve an .mpg and .wav file.
Is NeroVisionAPi supposed to be able to recieve also?
Should i try other versions of the sdk
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


After Cleaning and uninstalling Nero and Nerovision.
Installing Nero full installation with the NeroVision
I am able to transcode an burn the project with an audio and video src. When insterting the dvd into my dvd player. There is no sound, not even the sound that the video had.
If i insert the dvd into my computer and play with Windows Media Player then there is no sound either.
If i play with NeroShowtime than i can hear the original sound of the .mpg file and the music. It works great. Why does it work on NeroShowtime and not on my dvd player???